Energy Clearing

for Home and Land…

Health concerns? Family feeling unsettled? Finance or Business concerns? Emotions getting out of balance? House not selling? Animals unsettled? Overall feeling of unease and tiredness?

There are many energetic influences that can affect the home or business. For example the emission of electromagnetic fields of overhead power lines and electrical appliances, magnetism from the land and the presence of underground streams.

I will cleanse both you and all areas of influence and also incorporate ‘spiritual’ feng shui. To give advice for the best location and positioning of furniture to enhance wellbeing. If I detect the presence of any ghost or spirit activity this can also be addressed.

An opportunity to really see what is going on in your existing house or better still before you buy a new or existing home have it checked so that you may have the best opportunity to get good health, wealth and harmony.

Cost depends on the size of the home/business/property and distance to travel.

What is Energy Clearing?

There are many names for what I do; ‘ghost busting’, house blessing, land balancing, spirit or room cleansing, and spiritual feng-shui to name a few. When I work with the land and home, I use a dowsing rod and pendulum to allow me to determine the energetic flows in the area with which I am working.

When I walk upon a block of land or through a home I can determine and assist with various issues the inhabitants may be experiencing, whether human or animal. I can also conduct clearings distantly where land size and location may make it difficult to access.

Some specific concerns I am able to assist with include:

Energy Clearing For Horse Owners

Where the animals may be experiencing issues with stabling, or problems in the arenas and round yards. This can often be due to discordant energy within the areas, and can be adjusted.

Energy Clearing For Business Owners

Colour recommendations, dynamic energy readings to increase customer flow and exposure. Suggestions to increase business prosperity, correction of any energetic disharmony that may be inhibiting business potential.

Energy Clearing For Home Owners

Issues such as sleeping problems, emotional burdens and feelings of being overwhelmed, bad atmosphere, sick house syndrome, prosperity and study opportunity needs, bad luck cycles, emotional blockages, and relationship concerns. Unsettled pets and children can also be assisted as they are often more sensitive to energetic imbalances.

Energy Clearing For Land Owners

I can assist with the energy imbalances that underground streams and the removal of trees can cause, and make suggestions for the most harmonious placement of buildings upon the land.


Many thanks for the last 10 weeks. It has been a very worthwhile and beneficial course that has helped me in so many ways. I have learnt so much that will be helpful for me at work and at home. Tracie, Maida Vale WA