I have been a Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant and Medium since 1998. Predominately ‘spirit guided’ in my own journey of development. Located in the Perth hills of Western Australia.

as a Clairvoyant…

I work through a pure connection. I believe the purpose of a clairvoyant is not just to foretell the future but to provide honest answers and offer direction. Using clairvoyance is the ability to sense, feel and hear guidance and mediumship is the ability to connect to those dearly departed family, friends and animals. A typical reading will include the use of palmistry, mediumship and clairvoyance. Cards may also be used as a source of guidance.

as a Teacher…

I believe we all have the natural ability to work with guidance. Though some of us may need more guidance to the connection. Our lack of self confidence TRUST and the innate knowingness FAITH can be encouraged to grow in a gentle and supporting environment.

From the depth of experience that comes with working under guidance, those that come to learn will be encouraged in a gentle and supporting way.

Psychic ability is easy to achieve. When you add the foundation of spirituality, then what you will have is a package that can assist an individual in their journey through life.

My principle of working with students and guidance is to keep it simple. Emphasis is placed on practicing grounding techniques while remaining connected to higher guidance.

I focus on demystifying complex rituals, actions, methods and misconceptions that students may have.

Spiritual connection is something that everyone can learn even if you do not feel spiritually gifted.

Anita Louise

Many thanks for the wonderful experiences and teachings from your classes. Karen, Thornlie WA